Hbieb Duminku Savio

HDS stands for “Hbieb Duminku Savio” or “friends of Domenic Savio”. This group aims at offering a space outside school hours for young boys who attend Savio College and others from other schools. The five groups (according to form) are all guided by the aspirants and Salesian animators. The groups aim at giving:

  • A Christian Salesian formation.
  • Promoting St Domenic Savio as a true model for adolescents who want to take their Christian faith seriously.
  • Creating a family atmosphere and a strong group experience where they can share their views freely in a time which is so difficult, full of conflicting emotions, especially from Form 3 -5.
  • Gradually guiding them towards voluntary or community work.
  • Ultimately aims at forming future Salesian animators, good future parents, and hopefully future Salesians or VCDB’s or indeed vocations for other congregations.
  • The group leaders ideally accompany the group for the whole 5 years. This experience is not only beneficial for the leaders but it is also great for the young members who have good role models to identify with.


Forms 1,2 and 3 have their meetings at 10am-1pm

Forms 4,5 have their meetings at 4pm-7pm