Salesian Animators



The Salesian Animators are youth who are involved in working with us Salesians in various pastoral realities. These youth are offered a formation programme during the year. Such a programme enables the young person to get to know oneself better, and use the discovered potential for one's growth and that of others.

Formation Programme for Salesian Animators and activities.



Two retreats are offered for this group of over 16s. One in January and another will be held in September after the summer activites have come to an end. A retreat was held on the 5th-7th January at Savio College and was guided by Fr Fabio Attard. Its theme was when “God whispers my name”. A group of 28 young people attended all University, Mcast and Sixth Form students. The central moment of this retreat was the Lectio Divina.

Monthly Lectio Divina.

One can describe the Lectio Divina as a means to wholeness. “It is a treasure not only for monastics but for all God’s holy people. From the sacred page the words of scripture seek to move through our eyes and ears into our minds, hearts and spirits and onto our lips. That word might be either sweet or bitter, refreshing us or challenging us. In either case we will experience conversion, so that our response is to flow outward in compassion and action”. After the January retreat the group of Salesian animators suggested that we should continue as a group and invite others to come and share this spiritual moment together, using the Lectio Divina, as a means of reflecting God’s word. These moments will be held once a month.

Take a Lead Seminar organised By Spys.

One of the seminars organised by the Salesian Pastoral Youth Service is organised annually in February and this is a seminar offered to the new members who enter the group of salesian animators each year.

Live in: Preparation for Summer Camps in June.

During the last week of June a week will be organised for the whole team of salesian animators so as to reflect on the aims of the summer camps and to prepare for them. New members will enter this group, namely those who are part of the Form 5 HDS.

Courses in Salesian Spirituality. Salesian Youth Encounter- Getting to know Don Bosco

Exchanges and opportunities offered by SPYS and Bosco Youth Net.