Salesians of Don Bosco

Consisting of Fathers and lay Brothers, we Salesians are spread in 139 countries the Salesians of Don Bosco, focus in working with and for the young.

Our Mission

In the humble beginnings of the congregation, back in 1859, Don Bosco gave a clear and simple mission. A mission centralised on the education and evangelisation of the young, especially those with greater disadvantage than others. We Salesians live and work together in a community as Salesian Priests and Salesian Brothers. A Family atmosphere prevails in all our works, which helps in getting through to young people in a friendly way.

Our works include schools at all levels, youth centres, residential homes and support services for children with family problems and street children, as well as chaplaincies in schools and universities.

Pastoral Realities in Malta

As Salesians in Malta we run the following houses and realities:

  • St Patrick’s in Sliema – A residential home and school for children in need, as well as a church offering liturgical services for people in the surrounding area.
  • The Oratory in Sliema (known as the ‘Salesjani’) with its adjacent Theatre – A youth centre focusing on the build up of the young
  • Savio College in Dingli – A secondary school for young people aged 11-16
  • Dar Dun Bosco in Dingli – An Oratory for the young people in the area of Rabat and Dingli
  • Dar Osanna Pia – A residential home for youth aged 16 and over
  • Salesian Pastoral Youth Service – A service promoting the formation of the young in human and spiritual values.
  • A primary School f’Manouba in Tunisija - Focused on the evangelization by presence.