What is a Christian Vocation?

The word vocation denotes the mission in life to which people are called by God, but its meaning goes well beyond what they are called to do. More important it describes what they are called to be .

One can say that a Christian Vocation is a call from God to each baptized person to live life as a faithful follower of Jesus Christ. We must remember that vocational choice starts when we are very young. Parents and teachers often ask the child, "What do you want to be when you grow up?"

A child thinks about and pretends to be many things. That is what children do. It's fun. As the young person gets older he or she begins to focus more seriously on the possibilities that experience, education, and personal preferences bring. Discovering one's call is a very natural but deliberate process. Choosing a vocation in life is really about listening to God's voice and making a number of choices. The question is - How do I can I really listen to God’s voice? How will I know what God’s wants me to be and do in life?

This process is vocational discernment!

As a baptized Christian I have the following choices!

Will I get married, shall I remain single or could God be calling me to vow my life to Him as a priest, brother, sister or maybe a consecrated person.